Snowdonia,Wales, 1994

As well as the panoramas in my first post HERE, I also took some usual size shots.

This is The Cobden’s Hotel where we stayed, I checked on Google and it’s still there, looks just the same, as do the rooms and the decor! A lovely setting though next to the River, and a good place to go hiking from.

And we did do a lot of walking on our holiday!

Ben next to a waterfall

Love his smiley face

Although he was only 7yrs old at the time ย he was a game little chap and he hiked along with me and never complained!

We also visited Ty Hill, (The Ugly Cottage)ย click through for a magical history of the place.ย The gardens were lovely

The scenery was beautiful all through this part of Wales

And at the end of the day..




14 thoughts on “Snowdonia,Wales, 1994

  1. Well…These photos came up easily enough. No problems on this end.
    I like how different the backgrounds look when photographed with film as opposed to digital. There’s a different texture to it, almost like it’s been painted. Thank you for sharing your happy memories with us ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. Oh I just googled that and it’s well space age! Mine is a dinosaur in comparison, but I need to be able to print for work purposes. I am only scanning actual photographs, not negatives. If I get to retire before I drop dead, I will get back to proper film, and will be looking for gadgets like yours ๐Ÿ™‚

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