Norfolk, 1995

When I was an operating theatre sister down south, one of my best friends was an anaesthetic assistant, Peter, that’s him in the red jersey, and his best friend from school days in his native Norfolk, was a guy called Mel, a  deep sea fisherman.  Mel would often come down and stay with Pete for long periods when he couldn’t get work, and we all became good friends.  One weekend Pete took Mel and I up to see his parents in Norfolk, I remember his Dad had Parkinson’s, which was sad. One afternoon Pete decided we’d walk down the Suffolk coast which wasn’t that far away, from Walberswick to Dunwich to visit a fine pub there called The Ship. It’s a 14 mile round trip along the beach, with the Dunwich river running parallel just across some marshy land.  It was a long old walk, windy and none too warm, but we had a laugh the whole way there and back, had a fab meal at The Ship, and I took photos. I loved finding these photo’s, hadn’t looked at them for years. I love how happy and smiley we are in this moment in time. I lost touch with both guys over the years, plus ca change and all that. Think I had a pentax SLR, but can’t remember the model. Kodak film but can’t remember the type. My memory has holes in it nowadays. 🙂

Mel and Pete at the beginning of our walk.

Me & Mel

Pete reflecting

Mel Rolling

Fight club


At the pub

And on the way back

Sunset over the Dunwich marsh land

9 thoughts on “Norfolk, 1995

  1. I don’t think nobody could remember a roll of film shot twenty years ago except that would be the only shot roll in life, it seems to be a consumer Kodak, 400 or 800 ISO, it has nice colors. I’d love to have a Pentax MZ-S, it stores the data of every shot.

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  2. You look so carefree and bubbly…I’m sure it was a great day. You’ve encouraged me to start going through my old film photos to save precious memories in digital format. Thanks for that 🙂

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  3. Sounds like a wonderful time – certainly one with good memories. And, a 14-mile walk? Egad! Keep posting these finds – really enjoyable. I wish I had more pictures from the past!

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