Turkey 1999~part 3 ~ out and about

To finish up my trip to Turkey, this is a post about other excursions and activities. On our 3 day tour inland we visited the Mevievi Museum in Konya. The Mevievi is a sufi order from which the famous Whirling Dervishes come, but there were no whirlings going on when we were there.

We also got taken to see silk making and weaving

Then they tried to sell us rugs 🙂

We also visited a pottery

and we saw camels..

When we got back from our trip inland, we also organised a white water rafting day with a couple of holiday friends we made. The holiday reps also were organising this but it was cheaper to organise ourselves with the local excursion touts. It was quite different. The other people on holiday got picked up from the hotel in a nice air-con coach and off they went. We got picked up in a tatty old 4 x 4, taken to a families farm, and then put in a tractor with 2 young lads and some lifejackets and a dinghy and hauled up to the river. We got our life jackets on, got in the dinghy, were given oars and then the lads pushed off and off we went. The young lads shouting instructions to us and hooting and laughing as we went past the posh lot who were sitting in their dinghies with an instructor, being shown how to put on their life jackets and going through the safety measures of what to do if they capsized etc. None of that rubbish for our lads, they were brilliant, and obviously born to it. I think this is one of the best things I ever did and I loved it. After, they took us back to the farm where their Mum had laid on a great buffet of local food, it was delicious.

We also had some good nights out…

wish I could remember the names of our pals 😦

these all taken around the pool of our hotel where entertainment was on most nights

we ventured out to a local restaurant where there was more entertainment..

our pals

Ben and Matthew had a great time in the pool

and I’m finishing up with the boys messing about in the apartment we had

Matthew, Ben and Magic Mouse

Gaz & Ben doing ‘The British Bulldog’ pose (it was a thing back then..)

and goodnight all.

It was a really fab holiday, and the people of Turkey were lovely, all the hotel staff looked after us well, in particular the bar staff, 4 lovely guys, really took to Ben & Matthew, even took them out clubbing with them one night, that wouldn’t happen in the times we now live in! I gave my camera to anyone available to take a photo of us with it, even the Dad of the rafters, great stuff! Good times and it’s been fun remembering them.

6 thoughts on “Turkey 1999~part 3 ~ out and about

  1. That’s a great travel story! I love that you opted for the less expensive rafting trip, but came away completely satisfied. Sometimes expensive does not always equal better. The rafting group photo is awesome! Certainly a memory to cherish 🙂

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