Fuerteventura 1997~part 2

Part 1 here

We hired a little jeep for 3 days, and took it in turn to drive.

note the bikini top tied to the window frame, drying on the go 🙂

We drove from Corralejo to Betancuria


and saw a lot of mountains along the way.

We named this one Nipple Mountain, for obvious reasons 🙂

The road we travelled

Apparently there are more goats than people in Fuerteventura but we only saw these ones.

Betancuria is named after Jean de Béthencourt, who founded the town in 1404 with Gadifer de La Salle. It was the original capital of the Kingdom of the Canary Islands, and later capital of Fuerteventura. It was razed by pirates in 1593, but remained capital of Fuerteventura until 1834, when Antigua became capital.

This is one of the churches, but it was closed!

View from Betancuria

We had coffee at the cactus cafe

and watched the artisans do their stuff.

And then we drove home.

The next & last post will cover our trip to El Cotillo and our nightlife experiences!

10 thoughts on “Fuerteventura 1997~part 2

  1. how interesting Fraggy. the canary islands, isnt that where our Flickr friend maite is from? anyway.. i loved them all, but that cactus cafe looks so neat. and i loved the mnt views. and of course the artisans.. and lets not for get you driving …. lol. great memories. thansk for sharing. XX

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