Road Trip ~ Europe ~ October 2018 ~ Rolleiflex SL35

Back in October Phil and I went off to Europe for a week, driving through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and back to Holland where we ended up at a big scale model show. I took the Fuji of course, but also the new old camera I got for my birthday, the rather gorgeous Rolleiflex SL35, and a couple of rolls of Kodak Portra 400 film. These are some of the shots.

Mook War Cemetery is the final resting place of 322 soldiers killed in WW2 situated in the Dutch municipality of Mook en Middelaar.

Small but beautiful
A smiling face and heart of gold.
Believed to be…

The Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’ in Oosterbeek, Holland, is dedicated to the Battle of Arnhem in which the Allied Forces attempted to form a bridgehead on the northern banks of the Rhine river in September 1944. Hartenstein served as the headquarters of the British 1st Airborne Division.

Still undergoing repairs.

We visited there last year which you can read about HERE so didn’t go in this time, but we saw the deer in the field opposite.

Stag & family.

It was a lovely Autumn day, so we went for a wander in the park nearby.

Collecting horse chestnuts.

We went to lunch at a nearby cafe, and I saw the vespa parked outside, couldn’t resist.

We had a long drive to Munster from Holland, and broke it in two with a stop at the Varusschlacht Museum and  Kalkriese park in Osnabrück which is currently excavating the site of the Teutoberg Forest where 3 Roman legions were wiped out, with many captured soldiers being offered as human sacrifices to tribal Druidic gods.

The museum
No idea!
View from the top of the museum. The building below is a hostel of some sort an we got a bit of lunch in there, they only had minestrone soup, it was lush.

After a couple of hours at the museum we were back on the road and arrived in Munster in the evening. We spent the next day in the Panzermuseum in Munster, and I employed the Fuji for that day, but in the evening had a walk by the river with the Rollei.

River Örtze
Statue by the Örtze
Duck shed?
Restored water mill
View from the Water Mill

Then back to Holland and the model show. The Hotel and conference centre where we stay is set in woodlands, so it’s nice for me to leave the heaving bodies of bearded chaps drooling over tanks etc, and have a walk in the woods.

Autumn happened here!
Leafy hollow
The Reddening

And that is that. All pictures are embiggenable with a click.

13 thoughts on “Road Trip ~ Europe ~ October 2018 ~ Rolleiflex SL35

  1. Oh Fraggy, I’m so excited these are so awesome , back when u were getting ready to go , we decided to get ready for our Europe adventure .. already to go … end if Aug. Italy and Spain cruise . We tried to get the UK in the mix.. but ran short of funds. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol no I was just having my dinner!! I had talked to Phil about meeting up with you in Italy, but really when you’re on a cruise you’re stopping off for day trips, and that would be hard to coordinate and not have much time to chill out together. We will come back to America, I want to do New Orleans and Nashville again, we can sort out a better thing then. Maybe one day you can have a proper visit to the UK and we will have you to stay and take you to fab castles and the like. You will love Italy I think!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh yes, I want to see all those neat places your photos take us. And ..don’t forget , we r still moving to Florida…… if u ever want to look on the map…. anywhere between Punta Gorda, and Naples
            Dave and I have want3d to go to Italy for a very long time, we r both 2nd generation.
            Anyway. I’ve missed so many of your photos, I’m enjoying myself very much:)👍

            Liked by 1 person

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