Cragside November 2018 ~ Rolleiflex SL35

As well as my fuji, I took the Rolleiflex SL35 out with me to Cragside to finish off a roll of Kodak Portra I had in it. Unfortunately the roll jammed at frame 20, but I managed to save the film and got 7 shots out of it.

The pictures are similar to the digital ones over on the Fraggle blogwhich is fun to compare. Not sure which I like best, the digital or the film versions! What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Cragside November 2018 ~ Rolleiflex SL35

  1. Amazing photos, for a moment I was thinking it was your previous SL66. I think I like both versions for different reasons. Film ones have a kind mood and the digital are quite immersive in the details of the landscapes. So I choose… both! xD

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  2. I like the film ones more. I do think that they have a weakness though, and I think that is the fact that film has issues with shade or generally scenes that are both dark and bright.

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