Like most people of a certain age, I have a load of old printed family photographs, and I thought it was high time I digitised them. I’m starting with Mum, as I have more pictures of her than anyone, and she had an interesting life. She was born in 1929 and the first photo I have is her school class photo, yes even back then the school photo was the thing!

Mum ~ school class photo

Not sure how old she was there, I think about 6 or 7 so round about 1935. Mum is in the middle row, 4th from the right, chin up and looking at the camera. I so love the little grumpy girl standing outside the rest, she looks well naffed off!

Next is a photo taken with Mum on the left and her older sister Irene on the right. A bit older now but still at the far end of the 30’s I think.

Freda & Irene

I have no idea what’s going on in this next shot, photobombed by the dalmation I think, the look on the little girls face front and right is priceless. Not a dog lover I think. Mum is at the back, far left.

Into the 1940’s now, and Mum growing up. I’d say she was 12 ish here, still at school.

A few years later, in her early 20”s, round about 49/50

By this time Mum was a singer, and joined the Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Society. Back then this was major entertainment in the North, all major towns had their own version, and put on the musicals of the day, Brigadoon, The Desert Song, Merrie England, and she took the lead soprano part in most of them. Not sure which musicals the first two are, but I think the next one’s are The Desert Song.

So that’s it for now until I get the urge to go through some more!

16 thoughts on “Mum

  1. Great….you still have them because there is a negative or a print, I sometimes wonder if reliance on digital technology will lead to a gap in the historical record!!! We still have my Dad’s photos from the Korean War, it is fascinating to go through them on a rainy day!

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  2. How lucky you are to have these photos! My family has very few, if any. Great things to pass on to your kids, and grand kids, and so on . . . write out some stories you know about the people. It adds even more to the photos – a face, a name, a person. “-)

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  3. That’s a lovely tribute. I see the little girl at the right end of the first row mustn’t have gotten the memo about standard hand postures for group photographs! And what’s going on with the one off to the right on her own? Bless.

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  4. Quite lovely portraits. I adore how expressive the eyes are, as if they always were the eyes of a mature mind. The professional photos at her work are quite clear, if you had said they were taken today with an app I had believed it.

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