The year of film on Fridays.

Here at Fraggle Towers, the year of shooting film has begun. I’ve yet to start with the Rollei, am saving that for outings with Sophie, but in the meantime, I’m going to be doing a daily instant with the Lomo Instant wide, using fujifilm Instax wide film. I’ve missed a couple of days as I only decided to do this recently, (I was missing my 365!). The Lomo is a bit of a beast, solid and weighty, not a pocket camera by any stretch as it’s about 7 inches (18cm) wide, 5 inches (11cm) tall and 4 inches (10cm) deep.

The lens is a 90mm f8 (equiv:35mm) and has a focusing distance of 0.6m – infinity. It comes with two extra lens attachments, an ultra- wide angle equiv:21mm (not sure what’s ‘ultra’ about it) and a close up lens which focuses at 10cm (4 inches) if you’re lucky and there’s a prevailing wind. The viewfinder is detachable, and when using the wide angle lens you have to change it for a wide angle viewfinder, also included.

It has a built in flash, a switch for exposure compensation +1 or -1 and a button for doing double exposures, which also has an included attachment to use. It has a bulb setting for long exposures, and a 1/30 shutter speed button, so a few features to ring the changes with. I will be experimenting!

On with the results so far!

Accidentally pressed the shutter before I did the photo!

There will be duff shots, as you can see, as I am constraining myself to 1 a day. So no re-do’s, this is film, and it costs money! 🙂

Wardely Sunset
Wardley Sunrise
Master Chef
Blurry Kendal.
Blurry Roses

The roses were taken with the close up attachment. This is a fun thing to use, as if you look through the viewfinder to line up the shot, what you get on the photo is nowhere near where you were looking or what you were looking at. The thing to do is just position the camera lens 4 inches from what you want to shoot, and hope for the best. I did get some really nice ones after a lot of wasted shots a couple of years ago, so I need to get back in practice with it obviously, as this shot is pretty dire. The Kendal shot is blurry becasue we were both laughing 🙄🤣

So that’s this weeks post, stay tooned for next Fridays Lomo week!

19 thoughts on “The year of film on Fridays.

  1. I bought a Fuji Instax camera, many years ago.(15 years or more) It fired out credit-card sized photos, and they were usually well-exposed. But it was a pack of 10 shots for £10, and easy to get through a couple of packs over a weekend.
    I decided that instant film was too expensive for me, and the camera is up in the loft in a box! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I love the retro feel, we still display the pictures you took, whilst here in Poland, with this camera (I think it was this camera?)
    The first shot has an interesting charm about it, not sure why 🙂

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  3. I love duff shots, sometimes they have something so deep in their message, until it comes the revelation that they were actually accidents xP
    Such a big camera, good voyage with it, fragglerocking n.n

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