Film Friday

I’ve got a couple of rolls developed now, so a few Fridays taken care of! Haven’t been out shooting though as the weather has been abysmal here. A couple of weeks ago I took the Rollei SL35 out to Newcastle and discovered that although the film seemed to be winding on, the counter wasn’t moving so I wasn’t sure what was happening. Well I got 36 frames back and a couple of them are unusable, and a few have wierd goings on on them, but the rest are OK. The film I used was a Russian film called Silberra 400, and it has a nice old world feel to it.

Old Stairs
Akenside Traders, Craft Beer & Ale pub, on Dean Street, flying the flag for Brexit.
The Quayside, with what looks like a light leak on the right.
The Millenium Bridge and more dodgy bits.
2 Collingwood. This one is a bit ropey.
Not sure what ED is!
Construction destruction
The Tyne Bridge.

I have no idea how that last shot got like that, the wierd white lights in the sky on the left and all the dusty bits. I think I might have travelled back in time when I pressed the shutter. 🙂

32 thoughts on “Film Friday

  1. ED is erectile dysfunction. I am now officially old enough to get lots of emails suggesting how to cure it. 🙂
    The first two shots are simply wonderful. That film definitely gave them an old world feel.
    Best wishes, Pete

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  2. Some really epic shots Fraggy – the stairs (both), Collingwood, Ed and especially love the light leak effect on Quayside. I’m not into light leaks, but they didn’t seem to impact the images you have here. I will be putting that film on my list to buy!

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  3. The wear on them would indicate that they’re either very old or made of very soft stone. Was that where the medieval walls of the town were? If not, they were possibly the external stairs of an important building.

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          1. Blimey I’ve been down a few rabbit holes now, the history of the town walls is fascinating. Anyway, I think on looking at a satelite the steps are directly behind the black gate, which was added to the castle. I think, being as Side is a medieval street, the steps would have led up from the street to the walkway around the Black Gate & Castle.

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          2. It’s addictive, isn’t it? Why would there have been access from the street to the castle wall, though? I can understand it if the steps are on the inside of the wall, but not on the outside. Unless they were added much later.

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          3. Apparently the black gate was surrounded by buildings in the medieval times, have a look at this satelite view, I’ve put a red circle where the stairs are, I’m wondering if they are part of a building where I put the question marks.


          4. If all of that is within the castle walls, that would make sense, but it looks as if they’re on the outside. Perhaps they led to a postern gate before the Black Gate was built. It doesn’t make sense to have a smaller entrance next to the main entrance.

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          5. It’s a mystery April, I’ve dug through a lot of Newcastle History, I’m wondering if it could be one of the prisons exit/entrance but not sure. I need to find me a Newcastle Historian!!


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