Film Friday

Last week I posted my B&W shots in Newcastle, so this week I’m going back over the bridge to Gateshead. Same roll of film, and more wierd bits.

clock outside the Town Hall
Most wierd statue ever.

This next one I took in an underpass, but I have no idea what happened to it. I quite like it, looks like aliens are about to land πŸ™‚

I took a few on my walk home after getting off the metro.

overexposed the flower, and dunno about the white fog.

and then the next shots were OK, go figure.

Urban Car spaces
Bobble Fence
Spikey Fence

That’s it for this week, next time we’re off to the coast at South Shields.

19 thoughts on “Film Friday

  1. Yep, I think a small light leak there somewhere, if you take several shots in quick succession it might not have much effect, but if there is a bit of time between shots and the camera is exposed to bright light it might be enough to affect the frame? You can get new DIY light seal kits quite easily for most popular cameras…love the town clock and the fence especially!

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