Le Clic, Revolog Kolor 2020 (2)

A few more from the Revolog Color folm, Part 1 can be found HERE.

I found the film to be quite grainy,

Phil at South Shields.

but it does remind me of vintage photos!

Sandhaven Beach

This one had a uniform cast of green tones.


more green tones

Trow Rocks
Target Rocks

This next one is my favourite, there are some subtle colour casts, top and bottom left and right, which I quite like.

Most of the rest of the photo’s are too green/red tinted, so what with that and the grain I won’t be doing another roll of it. Fun to try things out though so I’m happy!

10 thoughts on “Le Clic, Revolog Kolor 2020 (2)

  1. I like them : ) shows the word is still kind as always was, which is a personal fault I guess as I noticed travels are not that enjoyable with notifications popping up in the cellphone xP Thank you, fragglerocking.

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  2. Thank you for trying it – no need for me to now 😉 I have to say now Fuji C200 is getting harder to find I am mostly shooting Portra 400, which I really like. A wee bit more expensive, but I save money buying it from B&H in the US, if I get enough at one time to offset the freight the price is OK, and the colours and wide exposure latitude make it worth while!

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