Friday Film ~ Contax Aria (1)

I’ve now completed 2 rolls of film on my Aria, had them developed by the wonderful Analogue Wonderland people and sorted them out ready for posting. Not all have turned out well and mistakes were made, but I’ll be leaving those ones in the dustbin of posterity and just posting the ones I like. I am on a steep learning curve with the Aria and though I’ve worked in manual mode before with the Rollei’s it’s been a while so that’s an ongoing refresher too.

The first roll I put through was a Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 135/36 Color film, and I started that at the back end of December. These shots are test shots mostly around the house and a few from South Shields. I haven’t faffed with any of them other than to crop or straighten where necessary, I save all that malarky for my digital work. It’s nice just to have them as they are.

King Street, South Shields

like a lot of small coastal towns in the North things have gone downhill, with shops closing down, the shoppers going to Newcastle or Sunderland instead of local. In (a vain~ sorry- cynic) an attempt to regenerate the town centre, the council are demolishing buildings in King Street, which housed Mothercare, and Thorntons (chocolate shop) amongst others. This is in order to ‘clear the way for further development’ and according to Councillor Dixon, “We know that for our town centre to thrive we need to move beyond retail and create a more vibrant environment”. More details HERE.


Back at home we had a snow day. I say snow day but I really mean a snow 2 hours. The picture isn’t so good, I was hanging out the bedroom window and camera shake was a thing, but I had to document the only snow we’ve had this winter so far. 2 hours I ask you? What’s the point in that?

Snow. A bit.

We had Livvy and Matty to stay over one Saturday night, another dodgy shot as I didn’t get the exposure right so the shutter speed was too slow for a crisp shot, but I like it anyway, makes me smile.

Livvy, Matty.

Of course I had to turn the Aria on the cats..

Winnie on Phils window sill soaking up some rays.
Winnie being snug
Lord Vincent being snug

I have always taken images of the sunsets I see from the bedroom windows, I have an ongoing series of Wardley Sunsets, so I had to see if the Aria would be able to contribute.

Wardley Sunset
Wardley Sunset

So that’s enough for this week. Out of 36 frames I got 19 I was happy enough with, so thats 50%, considering how expensive film is that percentage needs to be improved, but that’s fine, I’m at the beginning of this journey and I’ll get better with practice. Stay tooned for next time when I shot a few frames in Newcastle. 🙂

all pictures clickable and embiggenable, but don’t, they look better smaller 🤣

20 thoughts on “Friday Film ~ Contax Aria (1)

  1. It looks like you might have a spot of snow today. I’m in a red warning zone, which should be fun.

    The Wardley sunsets are great. I’ve been enjoying some lovely sunrises recently, but my photos of them are grim.

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      1. It’s like the apocalypse here. Bin collections are cancelled, the main bridge over the river is closed and we’re being told not to go outside. The chickens are terrified and I’ve discovered that I wasn’t very good at identifying the objects that might fly around the garden. Any moment now I’m expecting to see the Wicked Witch of the West cycling by above the rooftops. It’s rather windy.

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  2. You can’t beat that retro look of photos on film stock. It feels amost ‘creamy’. But a 50% hit rate is expensive to continue with. Reminds me of throwing away almost 50 prints (out of a couple of hundred) when I got my photos of the trip to China back from developing. That was 25% of a once in a lifetime trip, and I had thought I knew what I was doing. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Well done for the first roll! I love the vintage look on many of the shots. The sunsets are lovely, but I am impressed with the 2-hours of snow 🤣🤣🤣. The cat photos are cute, especially Winnie’s shadow. I look forward to the next roll soon! ❤️

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  4. Lovely photos, fragglerocking. Lovely sunsets and the cats are magnificent, as always has been the case since ancient Egypt :3 Apropos of expensive how much is a roll of film there? Here an expired Kodak Colorplus 200 is almost 7 of pounds, to think that was almost the price of professional films :,l

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