Film Friday ~ Contax Aria (3)

More shots taken in Newcastle this time with Kodak Ultra Max 400.

Next door to the long closed Gaiety Theatre in Nelson Street was the Café Royale, and it’s thespian pillars are fab. Sadly the café closed in 2020 and it’s owner converting it into offices. Or would have done if not for the plague.

Newcastle on film
girls and gadgies.
you can have ital.
cool girls
side gadgies
keep it simple!
the man in black
live & Bean
cash withdrawals
pot shop 😎
low cuisine dining
The End.

Literally. For now.

📷 😊

20 thoughts on “Film Friday ~ Contax Aria (3)

  1. Great stuff, fraggs! 💖 the shot of the relief scultpure on the columns. Curiosity compelled me to look up the “Ital” quote – Verdi apparently (well, not the actual words though… someone else did those). So, presumably, 25% of HSBC customers are shorter than average…


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