Birkheads Secret Gardens ~ May 22, analogue edition.

Over on the Universe Blog on the last and next sundays are my close-up digital shots of the flowers Sophie and I found at Birkheads Secret Gardens. I also had my Contax Aria loaded with Kodak Gold 200 film, and used it to do wider shots of the gardens, and to photograph the quirky decorations that you come across when walking through the gardens. So to accompany the Universe posts, I’m doing a Film Friday post with the results from the Contax.

In one of the corners there’s a nod to pirates

Pirates Corner
Jolly Roger

There’s also an oriental kind of place


and you can sit by a pond and look for the fish and the newts.

Sophie sitting

Walking around you come across mini statues

fake cat
fairy town
gnomes & fairies
Big Gnome

the owners have a sense of humour

dead & buried, nearly.

They’ve left an area to become a wildflower place, with it’s own not-a-scarecrow and fake geese πŸ˜ƒ


More to come next week, so stay tooned!

all pictures are clickable to embiggen.

πŸ“· 🎞 πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Birkheads Secret Gardens ~ May 22, analogue edition.

  1. It will be no surprise to you that I love the real film shots. I am trying to muster up the enthusiasm to use the Canon T-90 film camera I bought. But with all the prices increasing, I’m not sure I can justify the cost.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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