Film Friday ~ Morpeth & Herterton Gardens

I’ve recently been posting about Morpeth and Herterton Country Garden over on the Universe Blog with images from my FujiXT2, but of course I took along my Contax Aria loaded with a roll of Kodak Portra 200 and took some more pictures with it which I’m sharing today.

The Toll House
Toll houses were built on toll roads, tolls being fees that travellers on the road had to pay. A toll collecter lived in the house and there was often a gate across the road to stop people travelling without paying. This one is an early 19th century building, a Grade II listed building and is now a pub called The Office.

Morpeth sits in a loop of the River Wansbeck.
Morpeth Old Bridge ~ footbridge part.
a medieval multi-span bridge of 13th century date, which spanned the River Wansbeck in Morpeth. The bridge was in use until 1835 when it was partially demolished and replaced by a new bridge downstream. The abutments and central pier remain standing to about 4m high and are surmounted by a 19th century footbridge. 
Free dip and tomato ketchup!!

On to Herterton now.

Top topiary!
A saxon pot
The three faced scottish sundial on the arched byre, and Marjorie at work.

the exit from the flower garden into the wildflower garden
in the wild flower gaden
pink poppies
Macedonian scabious (Knautia macedonica), an extremely hardy ornamental plant.

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32 thoughts on “Film Friday ~ Morpeth & Herterton Gardens

  1. Maybe is Portra 160 I think, or 400. In any case there is the Kodak signature of warm tones which is wonderful, and there are so many hues of green in Top Topiary!. I will fill the usual history lesson with my imagination, in which they fight the kings, then they are banished, and they return with the help of the Scotts, being the story still in development as the Lord of the National Trust plots some tactics to have in return to the state the garden. Anyway, I hope they get awarded with being allowed to be in the place where they made it grow with their art and shared love.

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  2. I don’t know anything about cameras but I know photos that are far above the norm, like these. Fraggle, your skill and eye could even take excellent pictures with the only camera I ever owned, a Dick Tracy camera that used 620 film.

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