Film Friday ~ Watergate Park ~ Film edition

A few weeks ago on the Universe Blog I posted some photographs of Watergate Park, a recreational park on land that used to be a colliery, you can check that post out HERE. I also took quite a few with my Contax Aria armed with a roll of Kodak Portra. It’s freezing here in the North UK and has been all week, so let’s turn back the clock to Autumn, and have a lovely walk through the park.

this way
the treeful path
All the colours

A pin oak. Or scarlet oak. Some sort of oak anyhoo.
Arty farty sculpture chair. Doesn’t look very comfortable.
Frog on a stick with spectacles.
Water falling
The look-at-me tree.

It has been a lovely Autumn, that seemed to go on a long time. Phil’s hanging baskets lasted until this week. Not much snow here, just a few hours on a couple of days, but below freezing temperatures day and night, so what we did have is stuck in suspended non-animation and it is treacherously icy everywhere. The south got the worst of the snow, which is fair enough as they get hotter summers, but I really would have liked some more of it, for photographic purposes 🙂

stay tooned!

📷 🎞️ 😊

32 thoughts on “Film Friday ~ Watergate Park ~ Film edition

  1. Argh. Yesterday I had to go for a long walk and everything was pure ice. Too old for winter!

    Nice autumn pics. You should reverse the seasons so that we can look at hot summer pics as the snow blows outside. It could be like a kind of therapy.

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  2. We had about five minutes of snow on Sunday, otherwise it’s mainly just been below freezing. Icy pavements where people have defrosted their windscreens with water and some burst pipes. I’m not sure when we stopped knowing how to cope with very cold weather.

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  3. It’s been really cold here – frost on the roofs, temps in 40s F; today the high is 60F. Brrr. I have to wear shoes. Thankfully back to a reasonable 72 soon . . . .lovely pics! I do miss autumn, and winter, but glad I don’t need to shovel snow! The sycamores and tulip tree and red buds in my neighborhood are wonderful for autumn colors. Happy Holidays, Fraggy!!

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