Friday Film ~ Egglestone Abbey

Over on the Universe blog you can see the digital pictures I took of the Abbey Ruins, and read a short history of the place if you are interested, though I think most people who visit here are already visitors to that blog too, so perhaps I needn’t say anything!

Anyhoo, here are the shots I took with my Contax Aria loaded with Cinestill 400D, which are not very different in composition, but are in mood I think.

The Church and tomb
Closer view of the church bit
another view of the church bit
West Range
view from the cloister
inside the day room
not sure which bit this is.

It’s quite difficult to work out which bit is bit when you are on the ground, I found a photo on flickr with a better ground plan than the one on English Heritage site, so have asked permission from it’s owner Marc Hagen to use it here for anyone fancying a go at working out which bit is which. It’s quite possible I have the day room and west range mixed up!

Courtesy of Marc Hagen at

πŸ“· 🎞️

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