Film Friday ~ Jan~March miscellany

Just had a couple of rolls of film developed and as usual have finished up rolls of film I’ve taken on outings, with scenes from home and round about so here are some of those. All taken on the Contax Aria with various films.

Love is an orchid which thrives principally on hot air. ~Myrtle Reed

We had a couple of days of snow a few weeks ago.

Kindness is like snow—it beautifies everything it covers. – Kahlil Gibran
Cats leave paw prints in your heart, forever and always. ~Unknown

and spring happened not long after that

Blossom by blossom the spring begins.~ Algernon Charles Swinburne

We visited Phil’s older sister Annette on her birthday

“You keep your past by having sisters. As you get older, they’re the only ones who don’t get bored if you talk about your memories.” — Deborah Moggach

Annette has some gorgeous plants in her conservatory and garden
Azalias or are they camelias? 🤷‍♀️

And of course, always take some of Winnie & Lord Vincent.

You can not look at a sleeping cat and feel tense. – Jane Pauley
I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” – Hippolyte Taine

That’s all folks!

📷 🎞️

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