Film Friday ~ project South Shields ~red

When I moved up North in 2005 my first abode was in a flat above a pub called The Dolly Peel on Commercial Road in South Shields. I lived there a year or so before moving in with Phil in Gateshead and Shields is still my favourite place to go with a camera. There are lots of nice bits, the coast with it’s ‘internationally famous’ magnesian limestone coastline, Souter Lighthouse, Marsden Rocks, Arbeia Roman Fort, interesting historical architecture and all sorts of outdoor artworks. I’ve photographed a lot of it, but mostly in digital, so I’m starting over with film. The town centre was not doing so well. Like a lot of seaside towns it’s gradually declined (in line with the country as a whole) but now the Council is redeveloping it and knocking down old empty shops and replacing them with a college campus  including a new public square, gardens and green spaces. They’re using some of the ones they don’t knock down for  introducing a food hall or indoor market space. Apparently this is all being done with the input of the local people after 1000 residents answered a survey asking them what they want. So things will change, and hopefully I’ll get to shoot them when they happen.

On this outing I Walked up King Street, which is the main retail street, to the Market place with Phil who wanted to (guess what?) check out the vinyl stalls. I gave myself a constraint, which was all my shots had to have an element of red in them.

mobiles and vapes
and hands free kits
vintage rocker
market view restaurant. (closed permanently)
heart attacks in buns van

on the way back to the car we turn off King Street into Fowler Street and at the corner is Ladbrokes with The Criterion pub/restaurant above it. Built in the 1860s, the building was designed to look like opulent London restaurant The Criterion Grill. It was closed down in 2000 but in 2018 a chap bought it and restored it to its former glory, many of the original features have been salvaged including the original clock from the 1800’s. So it’s up and running again. Must try it out!

The Criterion
no there isn’t a Silence of the Lambs restaurant, but there should be.
coronation weekend

That’s it for this Friday but stay tooned!

all pictures taken with my contax aria on Kodak Gold 200 film, and can be embiggened with a click.

20 thoughts on “Film Friday ~ project South Shields ~red

  1. Are there that many shops around to buy vinyl in? I can’t think of more than one (possibly) in the city I live in, but I guess there may be more hidden away that I’m not aware of.

    How big a thing is Ladbrokes over there? Isn’t it a gambling den or something? Doesn’t seem like a good idea.

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    1. There’s 5 or 6 actual record shops in Newcastle, only the market in Shields, Tynemouth Market has a fair few vinyl stalls too. Ladbrokes has been around for donkey’s years, people go in to bet on the gee gees or footy matches but I wouldn’t call it a ‘den’.

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  2. The future of a whole town based on the responses of 1,000 people! Lots of recent development here has been university-related. We have 2 of them, plus a number of other educational institutions for the 18+.

    I like the red, although I wondered how long you had to wait for someone in a red coat to come along for the burger bar.

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    1. They sent a survey out to everyone in Shields so the 1000 could have been more if people had been bothered to vote. The woman in red was already there when I got to that bit. Cheers April.

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  3. Fab photos Fraggle, and jealous of Phil with all those vinyl choices….here during the golden age of vinyl there were limited imports, and what was sold here was mostly pressed here, with a small market of only three million it was mostly middle of the road and we missed out on a lot of good stuff. Which is still not here….I remember being super impressed with the variety available last time I visited the UK 🙂

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