I can’t really remember why I started ‘doing’ photography as my main hobby, I used to do mosaic making, and before that scale model figure painting, before that calligraphy and before that watercolour painting! But looking back over the years I have always taken pictures, even back as a teenager on school trips, I’ve always seemed to have a camera and documented my life. I have 2 large boxes of photographs printed on film, of family, school trips, holidays, and well, just about everything. Of course back in the day I just had cheap cameras, point and shoots, and knew nothing about depth of field, aperture, or shutter speed, though I did know about ISO. It wasn’t a hobby, it’s just what I did. Then about 7 or 8 years ago somehow I decided I was going to ‘do’ it properly, and bought a Nikon D90 DSLR, and though that camera has morphed via a few other cameras into a FujiXT2, I now ‘do’ it with a lot of passion and a bit more knowledge that I had back in the day.

I have a blog HERE for my digital stuff, but want to put my old films up and so decided on a special place for myself to reminisce.

Well I started this blog back in November 2015, and 3 years on I’m shooting a fair amount of film again. I have a Minolta Riva Mini, an Olympus XA, Rollieflexes SL66 & SL35, several Polaroid cameras and a Fuji Insta Wide.  So I’ve decided to keep all my film stuff together on this blog, as it’s called Fragglefilm, I think it makes sense 🙂