Snowdonia,Wales, 1994

As well as the panoramas in my first post HERE, I also took some usual size shots.

This is The Cobden’s Hotel where we stayed, I checked on Google and it’s still there, looks just the same, as do the rooms and the decor! A lovely setting though next to the River, and a good place to go hiking from.

And we did do a lot of walking on our holiday!

Ben next to a waterfall

Love his smiley face

Although he was only 7yrs old at the time  he was a game little chap and he hiked along with me and never complained!

We also visited Ty Hill, (The Ugly Cottage) click through for a magical history of the place. The gardens were lovely

The scenery was beautiful all through this part of Wales

And at the end of the day..




Snowdonia,Wales 1994~panoramas

Back in 1994 I had a camera that had a panorama setting on it. I can’t remember what camera it was, but it took  both normal shots, and at the flick of a switch you could make panoramas. No taking multi shots and stitching, just press and go! In 1994 I took my son to Wales on holiday for 5 days, and I took quite a few panorama shots. I only re-discovered them a couple of weeks ago, happy times with my little lad Ben, who is in many of these shots, and is a strapping man of 28 years now!

The winding road through the mountains

sun flare and lake

Mountains and sea

We stayed in a hotel between Capel Curig and Betws-y-Coed and Ben loved playing on the rocks by the river, Afon Llugwy.

We had a day out at Penrhyn Castle, they were having a classic car bash. You can just make Ben out by the brown sign.

The Castle

Ben looks so tiny in this next one 🙂

Ogden’s Cafe in the Snowdonia National park

and we also had a trip over the mountain roads to the sea at Rhyl, I google earthed it and wow is it different now! Funfairs and built up. But not back then.

I think these two are my fave shots of the holiday.