Fuerteventura 1997 ~ Part 3

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Our second trip out was to visit El Cotillo, a little fishing village with a pretty harbour and beautiful beaches and lagoons. At the time we were there it was very untouristy, but I believe thats changed now. On the way there we passed the dunes of Corralejo so had to stop and take photo’s.

The Harbour

We went to lunch at one of the cafe’s in the harbour and this was our view as we sat outside.

Couldn’t resist this little doggy..

Then we went and found a secluded bit of beach and had a sunbathe.

Not sure what the heck we are doing here!

There was plenty of nightlife around Caleta de Fuste and we ate out most nights, all manner of restaurants, excellent chinese that we visited twice, but also a Portuguese restaurant and as neither of us had ‘done’ Portuguese before we tried that. This is Nicki’s flaming sausage, though the flame went out before I got the shot!

There were dancing girls in the restaurant area

not the best of shots.

Our favourite night spot was called The Latin Lover, and we went there every night so got friendly with the regulars and owners, it was such good fun we rarely got home to bed before 4am.

Miguel & Sylvie who owned the bar.

Nicki & Ramone, a local

Ramone & Us

Ramone & his brothers!

Ramone teaching me the lambada or some dance or other

Declan, an irishman working at the bar, and my holiday romance, playing pool with Nicki.

Declan hated the English, though he liked me well enough as I was sympathetic to the history, and called all tourists ‘the whorists’ (pronounced ‘hoorists’) we wrote to each other for a while after I came back to England, but as with most holiday romances, it fizzled out. But so much fun while it lasted, and on his days off he would come out with us and show us the sights, mainly of pubs 🙂

Me & Nicki

and finally on our last night

and thats the end of the trip!

Fuerteventura 1997 ~part 1

Fuerteventura loosely translated as “Strong Winds” or a corruption of the French term for “Great Adventure” is one of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, politically part of Spain. In 1997 my best friend at the time Nicki and I went for a girls week away. Apart from a couple of school trips to France this was the first time I’d ever been on holiday abroad, the first time I’d been on an aeroplane. I was a bit of a late starter being 38 (though I’ve made up for it since then) 🙂 Nicki and I had met in the operating theatres where we both worked, and being young (ish) free and single, became good pals. In September 1997 we decided to have a weeks holiday in Fuerteventura, so I packed Ben off to my mums for the week, and off we went.

Leaving Luton Airport

The White Cliffs of Dover

Flying over Northern Spain

Coming in to land

We stayed at a resort Caleta De Fuste, now it’s one of the largest tourist areas and on googling pictures of it, it’s a lot more built up on the sea front, but when we were there there was a lot of construction still going on. But our resort at least was finished.

Our apartment No.30 Castillo Mar


so annoyed I can’t remember what camera I had, that’s its case on the table but I can’t make out any details.

Have had a giggle at all the nail polish we brought!

It had an upstairs too, and these are the views from the balcony

and of course there was a pool

we were self catering, but I think this is the only time we did any! Here’s Nicki making us lunch on our first day.

I think every where I’ve travelled I’ve been adopted by a cat for the duration!

The harbour at Caleta de Fuste was full of boats, and as Fuerte is particularly known for it’s windy demeanour, also wind surfing.

So that’s where we lived, and played, but we also hired a car for 3 days and went touring the island, so that will be what the next post is all about.