Film Friday ~ Kodak Ektar H35

A couple of months ago I treated myself to a new camera, the little Kodak Ektar H35. This camera is a half frame camera, which means what it says, it only shoots half of a frame of film, so when you put a roll of 36 in it, you get 72 pictures. Neat eh? The camera itself is cute looking but a bit hokey, plastic with no settings other than a flash on/off on the dial around the lens, and the dial is as stiff as a stiff thing on a stiff day. I loaded it with a roll of Kodak Gold 400 and took it everywhere with me but it still took a fair few weeks to finish the frame. I shot the film with the making of dyptichs (2 pictures taken together to complement each other) in mind. I’ll be posting some of them on Fridays.

These first ones I took when we went up to Edinburgh for the scale model show.

Peter Vardy 🤣
one of the rugby practice pitches and a wall of programme covers.
Our Hotel and the Take-Out!

I took a few when we did the Art Trail, the digital versions are HERE


The curved hull.
Mining memorial
Past & Future.

When I posted this next piece on the Universe blog it got a big reaction, mostly of consternation but Sophie has been in touch with the artist and she had this to say –

“My work explores my thoughts and fears about how mental health feels and how I think people may see both me and other sufferers.

I am passionate about art and mental health and believe that representing it through art and talking about it can only help end the negative stigma that is attached to it.

I find the helpful meditativeness that I get while working extremely cathartic and it is this that has helped me through difficult times”.

“This piece represents the acute feeling of anxiety, how sharp and intense it can feel”.


And that will do for this week. I’m travelling down South to see my son and family tomorrow but will be checking up on everyone in the evenings when I’m back where I’m staying.

Stay tooned, more dyptichs to come you lucky people!

📷 🎞️ 😊