Turkey 1999~part 1~Side

In 1999, I went to Side in Turkey,with Ben, his pal Matthew and our pal Gaz. Side is a small resort town on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast. An ancient port city, the village today is known for its long beaches and ruins. And blimey were there ruins. Walking along the coast there were bits of Roman buildings just lying about the place, and parts of buildings and temples still standing. Side is pronounced ‘see-day’ by the way. I still must have had the same camera I had when I went to Wales, as I’ve got some panoramas from this adventure.

There is a wonderful 2nd century amphitheatre

you can just see me at the right of the photo leaning on a fence.

The temple of Apollo

and the temple at night

Camels were resting amongst the ruins

and I had my photo taken with their owner 🙂

More ruins

A rugged coastline with turquoise sea

Side at night, view from our balcony.

As well as exploring Side, we went on a white water rafting expedition, and a 3 day coach tour inland to t he amazing Cappadocia, but I’ll leave them for another time 🙂